What you may be ignoring in your job search – How volunteering makes a difference

If you are still not getting hired, maybe it is time to try the most underrated job search strategy. Find out how volunteering can land you a job and get you back on your feet instantly.


Are you tired of the craziness of the job hunt, never getting a call for an interviewer, and spending your days doing nothing but watching TV? There is really no denying how tough the job market is and it can easily stain even the toughest job applicant. These days, it is not just essential to do the big and popular things for the job search, but also the underrated ones that can make the difference in your quest to joining back the work force.

So what have you been ignoring in your job search? If you think you have tried everything there is out there, how bout volunteering? Yes, you read that right. Volunteering is one of the most ignored job search strategies in the land for the obvious reason: there is no pay when you volunteer. However, there are tons of paybacks in volunteering that most job hunters do not realize… and so they fail.

Thing is, volunteering is particularly good during a long stretch of unemployment because it gives you something to do. It fills the gap in your resume quite well and helps when you are asked by hiring managers what have you been up to all this time that you are in between jobs. Volunteering is sure a better answer than any other lame excuse. Furthermore, volunteering for something relevant to your field sharpens your interest, expands your network, and keeps you relevant. When you stay at home and watch Desperate Housewives all the time, it is easier to stale and it will hurt your chances of getting hired again pretty sure.

Forget the stereotype image that you have in your head about volunteers. It goes beyond sitting behind a desk and inviting people to sign up for a cause and get them to the streets. It is totally way beyond that and volunteering can offer you experiences that you will not otherwise get while in transit. There are volunteer jobs that you can take to design websites, edit publicity materials, bookkeeping jobs, organizing events, and so on. The trick is to pick the right gig that suits your interest and adds bulk to your resume. When hiring managers see you have volunteered in the field, it counts as experience and in this type of economy, you need all the edge that you can get.

Volunteering also builds connections that may even pave the way for you to get a new job. You certainly meet a lot of people when you do volunteer work and from here, organizations can get a glimpse of your talent and potential which will brand you in their minds in case opportunities open up. The people you meet while volunteering can also make for good references that you can add to your resume. These people have also been in the business long enough and you can learn a great deal from them. You can even ask them specific things on your mind about the job or even better, inquire about possible positions that you can take.

There are many advantages of volunteering and it goes beyond beefing up your resume and earning an interview for a change. Volunteering can score you a job. The experience, skill, and cleverness that come out of volunteering can no doubt make you a good candidate in the eyes of hiring managers. Furthermore, doing something productive instead of wallowing will boost your self confidence and give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Give volunteering a try today. It may be that one break that you need to get back into the work force finally.

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