Make your career shift – Tips to succeeding a job change

Starting over with a new career is never an easy decision. Here are some tips to help you sort your thoughts and make that career shift more manageable.


How satisfied are you with your career right now? Don’t be ashamed if your answer is below average. You are not alone. In fact, there are as much as 75% of people who want to change careers if they can in a heartbeat. They are not that engaged with their jobs at all and while they are arranging folders somewhere in the middle of a bland office in the city, they are daydreaming about an exotic place completely somewhere else doing their dream job.

So what is holding many back? In this kind of economy where you never know what is going to happen, the majority chooses to be safe and stuck than change careers and take the risk to start something new on a giant scale. But what if your fulfillment truly lies at the other side of the road? Ask yourself if you are ready to make the big shift and when you find your answer, here are some tips to get you started heading in the right direction.

Don’t battle with your decision – Many people who want to shift careers make it more difficult on themselves by constantly attacking and over thinking their situation. Thing is, it is very normal for people to change careers not just twice or thrice but even up to seven times! It is not as bad as you think it is and frankly, everything in life is always too little or too much of what you expect so what is the use of scaring yourself to death if your assumptions are not even accurate? Changing careers can be worthwhile because you avoid the staleness of the job and maintain your passion and interest. These will help you to become more productive and more successful. Why deny yourself this chance?

Read about it – Self help books are not bad particularly when you are clueless how to go about your big career change. These books can be filled with insights and experiences that can confirm or negate your expectations about what it is like shifting careers. Pick someone you really admire from the new field you wish to get into and try to get your hands on some resources which will allow you to learn from this person about the job. If you can, you can consult a professional career counselor for more advice but if you do not have the depth of pocket to go down this route then the self help books can take you a long way, plus, they are mighty cheaper! You do not have to read tons, just one or a couple will do just to help clear your head.

Apply for a job – After you give your decision of shifting careers much thought, the next step is nothing else but apply for a job! It is not really for you to change boats abruptly but for you to see yourself in a different light. Sometimes it can be tough to imagine yourself doing something completely different from what you are used to but applying for a job and writing down your resume for a new career can help you come up with important realizations with what you really want to do and how you want to do it. Put your thoughts down on paper and work on a resume then analyze it after to get a glimpse of yourself professionally. You can also try going through job boards to see what kind of opportunities are out there waiting for you to grab. Chances are, this activity will give you more confidence to keep on moving forward and finally make that career shift that will bring more zest into your life!

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