Ideas to Sharpen That Resume – Tips to Write an Effective Resume

Looking to end the job hunting drought? Find out simple and clever ways to sharpen your resume simple, fast, and easy!


Stepping out to find a job is every bit like stepping into a warzone. Naturally, you want a good weapon to come out on top and in job hunting, the best that you can bring is a sharp resume. Many job seekers fail miserably in this bit and go on searching for a job with a resume that equals a bread knife… then they will wonder why on Earth they are not getting calls for interviews. C’mon! What you need is a resume that is bright and sparkly it equals a machine gun. Simply put, the more work you put on your resume, the bigger its value in scoring you a victory in the job hunt war. Who would not want that right?

There are two reasons why most job seekers do not attend to their resume:

  1. Laziness - This is really just sad because in this day and age, looking for a job is a full time job in itself and if you are lazy nothing will happen for sure. The first secret to getting hired is sending a high quality resume and a skilful resume does not magically appear out of nowhere – it must be done! It takes effort and unfortunately, the lazy job seeker will not want to add writing or editing a good resume to his or her to do list. Result: NO INTERVIEW; NOT GETTING HIRED.
  2. Clueless – The other reason is some people do not know how to work on the resume to pack a killer punch that knocks out hiring managers off their feet and want to hire you. While there are classes in school and seminars that teaches job seekers how to come up with an impressive resume, some simply do not take them or do not retain much information. Again, effort is required in this field. A little initiative is all you need because really, there are many places to get good information on how to sharpen your resume and even this article is one of them! Just take that extra step and be motivated enough to bulk up your resume. The tips and ideas to do so are here so now there is no more excuse!

Here are some ideas on how to change the flow of energy of your resume from blah to bombastic. Sharpening your resume does not always entail complicated moves and manoeuvres; even these simple and clever strategies work wonders.

Make your resume more reader friendly – Hiring managers are not generous of their time so the more reader friendly you format your resume, the better chances of getting the big call. Consider changing the format of your resume and add more bullets to highlight your skills and achievements better. It is easier to read and the high points pop out quicker to make you more likeable for the position in a snap.

Adopt an accomplishment tone – Most resumes adopt a responsibility tone, meaning they list their responsibilities on previous jobs rather than focus on accomplishments and achievements. Remember, anyone can perform whatever responsibilities you list in your resume. A real sharp resume focuses on the goals met, where you have gone above and beyond, what makes you special, and how you have taken initiative.

Pack on the verbs – Use strong and concrete verbs to list your skills and experiences. Avoid weak verbs and be consistent in their use. Some job hunters mix their noun and verb phrases and it does not make your resume streamlined and does not create an impressive effect.

Sharpening your resume does not always entail a lot of work or giant adjustments. Sometimes, doing the simplest, most effective changes work best and help you succeed even more!

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