How To Beat The Job Market in 2013

Make 2013 your year to return to the work force strong. Find out the 2013 job market trends and which fields are expected to hire more people.

Looking for a job in 2013 may not be the best position to be in, but it is all the more reason to push harder and smarter this time of the year. The good thing is employers are hiring and there are fields posting positive growth with employment up. So, where do you look?

For employers, 2013 brings a promise of hope as the economy rebounds at a slow and steady pace. This brings optimism though it is definitely no reason to let down guards. But in the event there are no major disruptions to hit the economy this year, the prediction for the 2013 job sector is positive. According to the statistics, more employers are keen on hiring this year more than the past years, though companies are still expected to be cautious about their decisions as the global market is still relatively weak.

A recent survey by a job board reveals that 60% of employers have experienced better financial growth last year compared to the previous ones and as a result, 26% of them are more keen on taking on new employees, both full time and permanent; in fact, the statistics in hiring in these areas have risen 3% last year. With the economy performing the same steady growth, this trend will stretch into this coming year and people looking for a job will surely benefit.

However, there are some employers who are still trying to downsize. The same survey reveals an increase in the number of employers, around 9%, considering and preparing for reducing headcount this year. This is an alarming number as it is a growth of 2% from the previous year, and for these employers, the threat of the country inching closer and closer to a fiscal cliff may play a huge part in their decision making in terms of hiring new people in their work force.

In this scenario, it is likely that employers will look to hire through staffing and recruiting companies so that they stay clear of major hiring commitments themselves. For job seekers, this means temporary and contract hiring will increase and as much as 40% of employers polled in the survey claim they are planning to hire this way this 2013.

The good news is once temporary workers perform well in a job, employers are willing to transition them from temporary workers to full time and permanent employees after one year. Naturally, there is no guarantee to this interest and it will be determined by the way the economy continues to move forward this 2013 but for people looking for jobs, the mere interest should inspire them to keep on pursuing their job goals this year, particularly for those in the fields on sales, information technology, customer service, engineering, and production as these industries are atop those preparing for expansion this 2013.

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