How to balance work and life – 4 tips to balancing everything in your life

Work and life do not always go together but you must learn to find balance to avoid insanity. Here are 4 steps to be efficient in work and happy in life all at the same time.


Thinking about balancing work and life always makes one realize how unbalanced his or her work and life is. It is a tough job to fill and many have simply given up and tried to embrace the chaos. But how long can you live with so much stress? Truth is, no matter how impossible balancing work and life is, it is essential to try because falling into the cracks is such a high price to pay.

So what do you have to do? Well, here are 7 tips for you to try to balance it all, even when you do not have a degree from Clown College:

  1. Set realistic goals – One reason why there are so many imbalances in work and life is the fact that people are either doing too little or too much. The problem? Faulty goal setting. It is a must to know what you can do and where you want to go before you accomplish any of it. It does not hurt to not try to be superhuman all the time but it is also important to live up to your potentials. For instance, if you are working and you need to meet some friends on the same day, try to squeeze your meetings during lunch so you do not have to stay up so late that will drag your energy for work the next day. One trick to setting realistic goals is identifying what needs to be done and breaking down the steps to get there. Tackling little things instead of one giant project always helps to calm down the stress and make work and life more manageable.
  2. Work on a schedule – Whatever you do, you only get 24 hours in a day. The secret to making the most out of it is planning before going to action. Lay down all the activities you have and compare it with the amount of time you have. Try to look for pockets of time to squeeze everything in nicely. This way you see your obligations and responsibilities better and you get a clearer picture how you will manage to perform them. If the time you have on your hands is still not enough, consider going to bed and rising up earlier than the usual to get a little more extra time to take care of your duties.
  3. Organize – Your mind reacts to your environment, like it or not. This goes to say that when your physical environment is in chaos, your thoughts go in chaos as well. To enjoy a more tranquil and sane time both in work and in your life, try to organize your physical space often. When you are feeling stressed out, do some organizing in your office or at home and you will find that your head goes calmer as the clutter becomes less. Organizing is also important in conjunction with your schedule. Make sure you plan and monitor deadlines in your calendar so you avoid the additional hassle of cramming and overlapping commitments.
  4. Schedule relaxation – Taking a break plays a big role in the balancing act of work and life. Trying to put everything in place then zooming to perform can take its toll. Avoid burn out by scheduling breaks within your activities. It can mean staying at home instead of going out, dropping the work you brought home, or simply taking a walk. Some people think they finish more when they do not stop but truth is, you become less effective if you do not give yourself the chance to cool down and recharge.

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