Finding work during a recession – Tips to get a job despite of the recession

Clueless job seekers are getting pummeled by the job market. Give yourself the advantage by following these simple but effective job hunting tips during this tough recession times.


The job market since the recession has been ruthless. The competition has become tougher and the challenge to stand out against the many other competitors has scaled to new heights. If you are looking to get yourself a new job, it is a must to get more creative and feistier with your job hunt approach because the upper hand is totally out of the job seekers. Put yourself in a better position and get hired today with these expert tips.

Don’t be everywhere. This might surprise you because it is highly likely you have done every effort to be everywhere to get a new job. But the thing is, it does not work. You might have read every classified ad out there and submitted a generic resume and even posted it to every single job board that you can find online but here you are still looking for a job. What went wrong? You are absolutely not standing out. There are probably thousands of job seekers out there exactly like you giving hiring managers no reason whatsoever to hire them. Better to tailor your resume for specific jobs you are applying for and forget being everything to everyone because at the end of the day you only become nothing to no one. This will not help you come out on top of the rat race for sure. Furthermore, by giving the entire world access to your information, your value decreases for companies can easily negotiate to drag your salary down if not out. It is really important to play your cards right in this economy or else it will be difficult to breakthrough.

Sort your priorities. Many job seekers fail because their plan of attack is to attack. With their backs against the wall without a source of income, most would rather get on with the job hunt first than think about what they want and how they are going to get it. This is also the reason why they take longer to get hired than others who are smart enough to map out a plan with specific goals. Planning may not sound proactive but it really is. First, determine what you want to do, where you want to go, why you want to do it, and how. This makes the job hunt more focused and increases your chances of landing the right job. It is not just about taking what you can find because that way it will be a hit and miss exercise for you. Better to work out a strategy because it ultimately determines success. Rushing on this part can cost you more time in the future anyway. Besides, companies love people who know what they want and are able to demonstrate it. If there is one thing that cannot score you a job in the recession, it has got to be desperation.

Widen your lens. As much as it is difficult to find a job, there are definitely job opportunities out there. The most successful job seekers know this and as a result they get hired. Part of a winning strategy in the job hunt includes knowing where to look for jobs. Problem is, the eyes of many job searchers are only focused on a handful of Fortune 500 companies. In reality, there are startups, spin-offs, public sector, and fast growing midsize companies that are looking for workers. Many job searchers fear these avenues but they can be good opportunities for learning and development. It pays to be open to other environments particularly during these tough times because they can be great stepping stones for bigger things to come.

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