Resume Critique Checklist

By Kim Isaacs, Resume Expert Resumes normally get less than a 15-second glance at the first screening. If someone has asked you to review his resume and you want to help him ensure it gets read — or want to know if your own is up to par — be sure you can answer [...] Read more »

Things to remove from your resume – 5 words to strike off your resume

Beef up your resume by stripping it down to the bare essentials. Here are five things you totally must cut out right this instant.   “Less is more” is an overused saying that may very well apply to a job seeker’s resume. Most times, it is not exactly what you put in that makes you [...] Read more »

7 Tips for phone interviews – How to do well on phone interviews

Don’t underestimate the phone interview because acing it opens doors that lead closer to getting hired. Here are seven tips to guide your way and help you bring your A game every time!   Most job seekers undermine the importance of the phone interview. They think it is just a preliminary part of the job [...] Read more »

Ideas to Sharpen That Resume – Tips to Write an Effective Resume

Looking to end the job hunting drought? Find out simple and clever ways to sharpen your resume simple, fast, and easy!   Stepping out to find a job is every bit like stepping into a warzone. Naturally, you want a good weapon to come out on top and in job hunting, the best that you [...] Read more »

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