Better ways to spend your lunch break – Lose weight during your lunch hour easy

Finding the time to hit the gym after work hours may be too much so why not squeeze in exercise during the lunch break? Learn creative ways to lose weight fast, simple, and easy!

The concept of weight loss has been around since forever but it never gets old simply because achieving it eludes most people. Naturally, exercise is a big factor to drop the extra pounds but the lifestyle of many these days plainly does not allow the luxury of time. Everyone is busy with work and performing other responsibilities that finding the time to hit the gym and log in some hours is almost impossible.

Well… how about exercising on your lunch break instead? Yes, you heard that right. If you cannot find the window of opportunity to exercise before or after work, why not squeeze in a few minutes during the lunch break? It is not as complicated as you think and it is simple and highly effective too. Spending your lunch break exercising may not be the most relaxing concept in the world but if you have always wanted to lose weight and feel lighter, this is a chance that you should not miss. It only takes a few minutes and you can get back to work like nothing has happened!

Does this sound like a plan to you? Spend your lunch break better and try these exercises on for size to send the weighing scale back without making any drastic changes to your day!

  1. Walk. Walking is totally underrated and it is one of the simplest exercises that you can pull off at lunch hour. Once the clock hits noon, go out and find a route near you where you can walk for around 20 to 30 minutes. Start by walking at a slow pace and continue to build momentum. Starting slow is essential to stretch your leg muscles first and picking up the pace will raise your heart rate. This is good cardio that comes to you like fast food. Just make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes so your feet don’t complain endless! To make the exercise more sensible, you can try to look for a restaurant far from your area and walk to get there.
  2. Do desk exercises. One of the major reasons for the mounting overweight problem in the country is the fact that many people are too tied to their desks. You can put that into good use by doing some desk exercises and stretching exercises. For example, give your arms a good stretch by sitting straight up in your chair, stretching both arms up over your head, and holding for 10 seconds. Reach for as high as you can go and you should feel your back pulling too. It helps to loosen your muscles that have been in a static position for long hours. Repeat this stretching exercise for as many times as you are comfortable with. The tension that you feel will instantly be relieved.
  3. Yoga. These days there are many people hooked on yoga not just for its weight loss effects but also for its calming benefits. The yoga mat is not a heavy equipment to bring so why not take it to work and do some yoga poses during your lunch break? It will help you to sweat in a small period of time plus it can take care of your stresses and help you get back your senses easy! Apart from the physical benefits, the relaxation will also boost your energy as you get back to work and lead you to becoming more productive. How can you resist this one? So for tomorrow, make sure you pack your yoga mat and make better use of your lunch break. You’ll love it!

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