Becoming an irreplaceable employee – 4 tips to become the employee no one can afford to loose

People are losing jobs left and right. How do you keep yours? Learn 4 tips to be an irreplaceable employee and take your career to the next level today!


In this kind of economy, the one thing people want apart from a job is security on the job. But with tons of companies closing and cutting their number of employees, is there still such a thing as job security? As they say, everyone is irreplaceable so what can you do? Thing is, while there is no such thing as completely irreplaceable, you can sure work to be a valuable employee to the company you work for that you are almost irreplaceable. It is all about doing more and performing better than expected and at the end of the day, the employee who gives more ends up being more.

The only question now is how to do it. Are you ready to take your career into high gear? Follow these steps to get ahead and have a strong and solid grip on your job despite the challenges around you. It will take some effort but the rewards are worth it.

Manage your time well – Success in work is not measured by sentiment but by outputs. How well you manage your time is crucial to this. Make sure you meet deadlines, schedule tasks accordingly, and deliver the goods at the end of the day. Becoming an irreplaceable employee is all about performance. You will be measured by your output and time on your side will help you become more effective and efficient. Avoid distractions as best as you can and focus – you will be surprised how much more productive you become.

Start early – Sleep is the new sex, some people say, but getting up early has its own pleasures too. When you wake up early, you get more time on your hands to complete things before the world even starts to rouse. One or two hours lead time can sure be enough to get your act together, plan for the day, and even turn in some extra work. For certain, you will get more done, have a clearer head, and avoid a mountain of stress that comes with rushing. If you are not an early riser, better start now to avoid the early lay off!

Be a positive source of energy – Energy plays a big role in the way you perform. A person who is upbeat and motivated is always better than the person who feels down and out. With the proper motivation, you can do more and help others to do the same. Also, you are willing to go the extra mile and squeeze some sacrifices for the betterment of the organization. Now who does not want an employee like that? But the thing is, there is no one who can give you a good spirit other than yourself. It comes from within and you have to bring it out at the workplace to become a valuable asset. Stay motivated and there is no doubt you will find the drive and staying power that you need.

Unite people – There is nothing like an employee who can inspire collaboration in the work place. When you help people come together and work together, not only do you become more productive as a team but you also build camaraderie. Also, while working to improve on your own performance, help your co-workers to improve on their performance as well. Share information, divide tasks better, and forget the ego! Now only will you boost the efficiency of your team but you will also have the support of your colleagues once the time for promotions are up. How bad can that be? You help yourself, you help your team, and you help your company all at the same time. Can you say irreplaceable?

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