How To Beat The Job Market in 2013

Make 2013 your year to return to the work force strong. Find out the 2013 job market trends and which fields are expected to hire more people. Looking for a job in 2013 may not be the best position to be in, but it is all the more reason to push harder and smarter this [...] Read more »

Trends: Employers Hiring Despite Fiscal Cliff Fears

Job hunters are under a bit more stress this year but a new report shows very positive trends. Find out which industries are hiring and why you should go to them fast. Many job seekers this 2013 are feeling more pressured than usual to land a job as quickly as possible as unemployment continues to [...] Read more »

Get your résumé in shape

Staying in shape is good for your body and your résumé, and in both areas you want to push yourself. Just like fitness, not every approach in job-searching works for everybody. Some people do better with groups, others have personalized goals or sometimes an old routine has worn itself out. Decide which goal you want [...] Read more »

6 ways to kill your chances in the interview

From applicant tracking systems to appropriate résumés, there are more than enough hurdles to overcome before making it to the interview in a job search. However, this may feel like the greatest challenge for some job seekers, as many have come out of interviews without the slightest clue how it went. CareerBuilder surveyed hiring managers [...] Read more »

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