Attract success with integrity – 4 values that lead to better work performance

Practicing integrity in the workplace brings more success than you can imagine. Find out why you should walk the talk starting today!


Integrity is a big word and even bigger in practice. Most successful people really started with nothing behind them but integrity. It is what helps them to do the right thing and in turn help other people do the right thing. As a result, the work becomes easier, more productive, and more successful. No wonder integrity is such a cherished trait – without integrity, nothing works. Completeness and soundness accompany integrity. It means strength and stability. If you practice integrity at work, there is no reason for you not to be successful.

How do you exactly practice it in the work place to take your success to the next level? Here are some values that are everyday requirements to achieve integrity. They are truly high sounding but done consistently and applied to even the tiniest things around the office or the business, the rewards will be far greater than what it took for the character shift.

Trust – People with integrity are trustworthy simply because they walk the talk every time. Trust is one of those things that is earned and not given. It is something that you have to work on every day until you have built a strong foundation. When it comes to working with other people, you must demonstrate genuine care and attention so they have the confidence to believe in your conviction. Similarly, one of the things that betray trust is conflict of interest. To attain integrity, it is important to avoid it at all costs because you cannot attract success when you are pulling yourself in opposite directions.

Quality – In the workplace, it can be hard to practice integrity because of one enemy: convenience. This is why some people change performance like the weather around the office. Naturally, this will not attract success because it is inconsistent. Quality is important in building integrity and working to achieve your goals. If you want to get noticed for all the right reasons, make sure you put the A+ stamp in everything you do, be it small or large, on projects, memos, presentations, and more. A person who values quality in turn earns self respect, achievement, and the admiration of others. Success cannot be that far behind.

Responsibility – Successful people with integrity know how to take charge not just of operations but also of themselves. It can be difficult because it requires a lot of self discipline but to take the higher road, this is essential. Blaming others, pointing fingers, making excuses, and claiming victimhood may help make a pass for the short term but the long term effects destroys self respect and relationships that will truly cause the collapse of an organization. Integrity is only attained by being responsible for one’s actions and making no excuses. When you are responsible, you make it a point to do everything within your power to make things work. It grows within itself helping you to do more and be more.

Respect – Practicing respect to attract success is more than following rules but having reverence for what you do and who you do it with. By respecting your work and your company, you respect yourself and bring more value to what you do and how you do it. This also attracts more teamwork because when you create an atmosphere of respect, people will be more motivated to perform at their best because you recognize what they can do and give them the opportunity to do it.

Integrity cannot be attained overnight for sure. It is something that needs to be practiced day in and day out but the beauty of it is that it is worth it. Possessing integrity leads to more than success at work… it leads to a successful and happy life.

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