A Career Journey – From Job Application to Establishing Yourself

The journey from job seeker to professional can be truly overwhelming; at times it can also be grueling and disheartening but the prize for those who persevere and exert the effort is a solid career that will take you places.

For every step of the way, from job hunting, attending the job interview, and finally establishing yourself, here are the most important tips, tricks, and everything in between that you need to help make your career journey not only fruitful but also enjoyable, memorable, and fun!

5 tips for job application success

  1. Widen your lens. There are tons of hidden job opportunities out there so do not cut yourself short by focusing on traditional graduate schemes only. Only a small percentage of jobs are advertised so leave no stone unturned to find the perfect job opening for you.
  2. Be realistic. While a fat salary is always great, consider the current average rate of workers in the field and know that the pay for an entry level position may even be less than that. Do not just work for the pay check but also for the experience and opportunities available.
  3. Work on your resume. Always tailor your resume to the job or company you are applying for. Do not get lazy and simply send out the same resume for all the jobs you are applying for. Remember that your resume represents you before the hiring manager lays eyes on you. Make it count by forwarding a resume the highlights your best skills, experiences, and achievements that make you the perfect candidate for the opening they have
  4. Use various job search tools. The web is teeming with resources for job hunters. Find guides for resume writing or even a tool that edits and proofreads resumes. Take advantage of good how to articles on job hunting, as well as job boards and networking websites.
  5. Commit to the job search. The way to get hired easily is to make the job hunt a full time job. Approach it with full commitment and dedication and see your efforts reach fruition soon enough.

4 tips for job interview success

  1. Preparation is half the victory. The moment you get the call and schedule, learn everything there is to know about the company. Use the web to make the research. Find out questions that might be asked during the interview, prepare your answers, and rehearse in front of the mirror. Memorize the content of your resume, bring pertinent documents, and prepare possible questions to ask to your interviewer.
  2. Dress smart. First impressions count so dress as professional as you can, pick the right clothes in advance, and fit it so you do not have to fret the day of the job interview. Choose conservative clothes and avoid a strong aftershave or perfume.
  3. Arrive on time. Nothing hurts your chances most than being late. Arrive ten minutes early for the interview. Leave your house early if you are expecting traffic or if you live far. You do not want to risk failing punctuality.
  4. Quell your nerves. Job interviews can strike fear even into the hearts of the toughest job applicants but do your best to keep calm and confident. If you came prepared, there is nothing to fear. Just be yourself and remember to smile!

3 tips for establishing yourself on the job

  1. Be passionate. When you are passionate about what you do, you will be more willing and enthusiastic to do what it takes to succeed and go the extra mile.
  2. Build a positive relationship with your co-workers. Be a team player and have a good working relationship with the people in your office. They can help you in so many ways and you can help them in return too for the best interest of your company.
  3. Don’t quit. For sure there will be tons of challenges to face everyday but the most important thing to do is to keep on moving forward. Find ways to surmount problems and blast it out of your way to achieve success!

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