7 Tips for phone interviews – How to do well on phone interviews

Don’t underestimate the phone interview because acing it opens doors that lead closer to getting hired. Here are seven tips to guide your way and help you bring your A game every time!


Most job seekers undermine the importance of the phone interview. They think it is just a preliminary part of the job search so they do not put much attention and preparation for it. Thing is, this exact reason makes the phone interview mighty important – if you do not ace it, the next steps of the job hunt will dissolve!

Making good with a phone interview creates the opportunity for a face to face interview so you better bring your A game to inch closer to getting hired! It is not that difficult really and these tried and tested strategies will lead you to success:

  1. Don’t be satisfied with an online version of your resume to guide you throughout the phone interview. If the computer or the internet fails, you will be in troubled waters! Print out your resume and make a list of all the points you wish to cover during your interview. This will be your guide towards presenting yourself in the best way possible.
  2. Take advantage of the fact that the interviewer cannot see you. During the phone interview, have the company website open in front of you for more guidance and a web browser at the ready in case you get lost. It might not be great for your concentration but it is a fantastic emergency response. Just make sure the interviewer does not hear you typing or you will ruin the effect!
  3. Help yourself stay focused on the interview by disabling other phone accessories. The last thing you want is your mother calling you in the middle of the call or your girlfriend burning the line just to get to you. In this instance, the phone interview takes priority so give the answering machine or call waiting a break to have better chances of moving the job search process forward.
  4. Make sure the phone you use for the phone interview is reliable. There is a joke about people on Skype 10% having a conversation and 90% asking each other “can you hear me?” Don’t take chances and find a phone with reduced noises, everything but choppy, and suits your voice best. A landline is usually great for this. Find a high quality one that reduces the odds of disconnection to a minimum.
  5. Stay home. For the phone interview, the home is the best place to stay because you control the environment. There are no unnecessary noises which can distract you, as well as activities that can take your mind elsewhere apart from the all important conversation with the hiring manager. At home, you can speak at a reasonable volume and the odds of random things coming out of nowhere are reduced.
  6. Don’t rush it! Most phone interviewers are short but there are times when you totally hit it off with the interviewer that the conversation takes longer than expected, which is not a bad thing because it only means you are doing  wonderful job conversing! This is why it is important to time the phone interview correctly. Do not try to squeeze it in on a busy day where your time is counted by the minute. Give yourself time, around 30 minutes minimum for the interview, so you can completely focus and avoid the unnecessary stress.
  7. While the phone interviewer cannot see you, make sure you smile during the conversation. Doing so adds more enthusiasm and energy to your voice. It might make you feel silly but this simple act sends positive vibes to the interviewer and your zest can help you get to the next step of the job hiring process!

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