Six High-Paying Jobs for Gen Y Workers

By Alida Moore, When it comes to choosing a career, which jobs give Gen Y workers the best chance of making a high salary? Online salary database took a look at its Gen Y data to find out. The jobs with particularly strong earning potential for Gen Y fall into three categories: IT, engineering [...] Read more »

Practice Makes Perfect: How to Rehearse for Your Next Job Interview

By Caroline M.L. Potter There are a lot of steps that usually happen before you get to the interview portion of your job search: writing a resume, networking, compiling your references. Most folks are able to put a lot of effort into getting the interview, but many fall apart during the actual interview. Why? Poor [...] Read more »

Make your career shift – Tips to succeeding a job change

Starting over with a new career is never an easy decision. Here are some tips to help you sort your thoughts and make that career shift more manageable.   How satisfied are you with your career right now? Don’t be ashamed if your answer is below average. You are not alone. In fact, there are [...] Read more »

How to balance work and life – 4 tips to balancing everything in your life

Work and life do not always go together but you must learn to find balance to avoid insanity. Here are 4 steps to be efficient in work and happy in life all at the same time.   Thinking about balancing work and life always makes one realize how unbalanced his or her work and life [...] Read more »

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